Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Star Billion

On October 15, Wuxi Xingyi Intelligent Environment Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. celebrated its thirtieth anniversary and its new site. Representatives of industry associations, customers, suppliers and domestic and foreign partners from all over the country attended the celebration and offered their best wishes.

On the morning of the same day, Li Jingyu, chairman of Jingwei Co., Ltd., Kuang Youxin, chairman of Xingyi Co., Ltd., and Kuang Hong, general manager, held an unveiling ceremony at Xingyi New Site. With the salutes and flags flying, Star Billion opened a new chapter on this day.

Representatives of Star Billion led guests to visit Star Billion office buildings, R&D workshops and production and manufacturing centers, so that you can further understand the advanced environmental protection facilities and standardized workflow of Star Billion. Delegates from all departments work together to show our unique charm to the hundreds of millions of guests during the visit. Everyone is proud in the course of the lecture, showing all the guests the spiritual outlook of a hundred million people working together and vigorously.

On the evening of the 15th, a grand dinner was held at Taihu Hotel in Wuxi. The splendid and passionate performance of this dinner brought a visual feast to the leaders, guests and employees present. Chairman Kuang Youxin and General Manager Kuang Hong delivered speeches respectively. They reviewed the great course of Xingyi's environmental protection in the past 30 years, expressed their gratitude to partners and employees, and planned the blueprint of Xingyi's environmental protection. At the banquet, Chairman Kuang Youxin and General Manager Kuang Hong presented awards for the outstanding employees of Star Billion. Fifteen staff representatives of Star Billion took the stage and received the title of "Excellent Employee". Thank them for their contributions over the years. They embraced and encouraged each other.

The company's rising stars show us the charm and aspirations of the stars with their warm and touching performances such as "Star Billion Song" and passionate "My Future Is Not a Dream".

With the singing of "My Future Is Not a Dream" by hundreds of millions of employees, the celebration ended successfully in a harmonious, warm and joyful atmosphere. Star billions of environmental protection for the first three decades of the course to hand in the perfect answer, at the same time, will continue to move forward in the future, strive for brilliance.

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